Generous Rebates for Customers of California American Water and Water Users in the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District

Your Home

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Your Business

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Your Property

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Rebates for water saving appliances and devices are available for customers supplied by California American Water and the Seaside Municipal Water District and properties in the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District. Rebate applications are processed on a first come, first served basis as long as funding is available. Incomplete and incorrect applications cannot be processed and will be denied. Complete Terms and Conditions can be found in MPWMD Rule 141.

Before You Start

Receipts for all appliances and parts must be submitted with your rebate application within 120 days of appliance purchase. Be sure you purchase a device or appliance that qualifies for a rebate. Toilets must be WaterSense certified, and clothes washers and dishwashers must have Energy Star certification.

You will need to have the following before completing a rebate application:

  1. Assessor’s Parcel Number (APN).  An APN looks something like this: 000-000-000-000. This is a number assigned by the Monterey County Assessor’s Office to each property and is required to start the application process. The APN can be found on your property tax bill, property loan documents, or contact the Assessor’s Office at 831-647-7719 to obtain the APN.
  2. The paid receipt or proof of purchase.
  3. A copy of your water bill with the account number if you are a Cal-Am or Seaside Muni customer.
  4. If you are not the property owner, you will need written authorization from the owner of the property to receive a rebate for your devices. Rebates will be denied without owner authorization.
  5. Rebates are not available for some replacements and for properties required to permanently install and maintain a water efficient fixture. (See MPWMD Rule 141)
To Apply for a Rebate by Mail

Print and complete a REBATE APPLICATION, including receipts and written authorization when required. Keep a copy.

Monterey Peninsula Water Conservation Rebate Application

Mail the complete application to:

Rebate Program
PO Box 85
Monterey, CA 93942

Who Can I Contact if I Need Help?

Please review the information on this website. If you still have questions, call MPWMD at 831-658-5601 or email

How Long Before I Receive a Check?

Please allow at least 12 weeks to receive your check.

PLEASE NOTE: Individuals who expect to receive a rebate greater than $600 must submit a W9 form to the District along with their rebate application.

W9-Form for MPWMD Rebate