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Fairs & Events

Each year, California American Water and MPWMD participate in various community fairs and events hosting a conservation booth, where expert water conservation staff help local residents take advantage of free water saving devices and obtain information about indoor and outdoor water saving appliances and techniques.

Zun Zun

Through the Monterey County Water Awareness Committee, California American Water and MPWMD support in-school water conservation education with assembly presentations by the Zun Zun performance group. The Water Awareness Committee of Monterey County sponsors the program throughout Monterey County. The performances cover topics such as the water cycle, watershed, indoor conservation and conservation tips, including fixing leaks. Presentations are bilingual and can be tailored to a variety of age groups. For more information on Zun Zun visit:
Water Awareness Month

Water Awareness is celebrated across the country during the month of May. The designation provides an opportunity to conduct public outreach and education programs explaining the fundamental importance of water in our daily lives and the need for responsible use of our water resources.

California American Water and MPWMD host annual classes on topics such as water saving irrigation technology and water conservation strategies. Participants learn about the many new water saving devices that can help increase the efficiency of an irrigation system, including weather based controllers, rotary nozzles, pressure regulators, rain shut off devices and low volume systems. Techniques to increase the efficiency of landscape water use are also taught by certified conservation specialists.