Residential Rates and Blocks

California American Water customers on the Monterey Peninsula are billed in increasing block rates, meaning the more water used, the more is charged per unit. (One unit = 74.8 gallons.)

The amount of water customers are allowed at each block rate is determined by individual water allotments. Allotments are calculated by: a) the number of people per household; b) the size of the home lot; c) number of large animals, such as livestock; d) special medical needs and e) an adjustment for winter and summer months.

Typically, the information used to calculate a customer’s allotment is collected at the time an account is opened. If you suspect your allotment is incorrect, or needs to be updated, contact California American Water’s 24-hour customer service center at: 1-888-237-1333 or local California American Water conservation representatives at (831) 646-3205.

Commercial Rates

For Commercial Rates please visit Cal-Am’s webpage at: http://www.amwater.com/caaw/customer-service/rates-information/page21676.html
H2O – Low Income Assistance Program

California American Water currently offers a low-income assistance program that discounts monthly water charges for qualifying customers in the Monterey District. For a copy of the H2O low-income application and to view qualifying guidelines, contact our customer service center at: 1-888-237-1333, visit our local business office, or download the application online.

Survey Forms

Residential Survey

Water Use Tips

Use a layer of mulch around plants to reduce evaporation.

Landscape with drought-tolerant trees, plants and groundcovers

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