The Monterey Peninsula is a leader in water conservation.

Residents and businesses alike have joined the effort to reduce our use of this precious resource.

Thank you for your commitment to being Water Wise!


The Monterey Peninsula Water Management District, in partnership with California American Water, offers generous rebates on qualifying appliances for homeowners and business owners as well as commercial property owners and managers. Click here to learn how you can earn a rebate while saving hundreds of dollars and thousands of gallons of water! (Learn More)


Conservation Tips

There are many different ways to save water and the California American Water and the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District are here to help. Click here to see how 10 minutes can save 10,000 gallons of water a year or how scheduling a commercial landscape audit can save your business thousands of dollars a year on your water bill. (Learn More)


Water Warriors

WATER WARRIORS...Assemble! Click here to find some cool ways to help your kids and students understand the importance of water. Whether its learning about where our water comes from or how we can save it, our Water Warriors section is full of games, puzzles and activities for at home or in school. (Learn More)

Drought Tolerant Landscapes on the Monterey Peninsula

What’s New

From Your Garden To Your Table – Summer Rainwater Salad Recipe

Rainwater Harvesting is an important part of water conservation. With water captured from the spring rains, we grew and wide variety of organic vegetables in our raised beds. These veggies were harvested and with the help of Chef Todd Fischer of Folktale Winery, we created a delicious Summer Rainwater Salad. Check out the recipe below, […]

New Website Look

Welcome to our newly-redesigned website. We working to make it even easier to find great water saving tips, for your home or business.


Rebates Offered on Water Efficient Appliances

Remodeling a bathroom? Need a new clothes washer? The Monterey Peninsula Water Management District and California American Water offer a number of generous rebates on several water efficient appliances and fixtures for your home and business. For more information, visit our rebates page by clicking here:

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