Mulch Madness

California American Water and the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District are sponsoring a Mulch Giveaway!

Fill out the form below to receive a voucher for FREE natural mulch from Tope’s Sustainable Garden Center located at 15 Monterey Salinas Hwy, Salinas. The voucher is good for two (2) cubic yards of natural mulch, which will cover approximately 300 square feet when spread two inches thick. We are also offering a 25% discount on natural mulch purchased beyond the first free two cubic yards. Delivery is not provided.


  • Helps soil retain moisture
  • Reduces water use by up to 20–25%
  • Impedes weed growth
  • Protects from soil erosion
  • Buffers soil temperatures
  • Protects from mechanical injury
  • Improves overall soil health
  • Makes a garden more attractive



  • Only water-service customers of California American Water (CAW) or residents of the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District (MPWMD) are eligible to participate.
  • Wastewater-only CAW customers are not eligible (unless MPWMD resident).
  • Limit two (2) cubic yards of mulch per address (supplies are limited and offered on a first-come, first-serve basis).
  • Customers can purchase additional mulch above the CAW-MPWMD free two (2) cubic yards at $30 per cubic yard.
  • For personal use only, not for resale.
  • Vouchers are for natural mulch only (CAW-MPWMD is not responsible for quality, use at your own risk).
  • Delivery is not included.
  • Customers must agree to terms and conditions.
  • This voucher is good until December 31, 2024